My favorite scrunchies

If you’ve read my last post you know I’ve just started this pattern designing process. But I’ve tweaked other patterns to fit my liking and needs along my years of crocheting. If you didn’t read my washcloth post then you might not know that I actually have an Etsy site where I sell various finished projects and my lone hat pattern, (insert excessive laughter here). But that hat pattern was an extensive process for me. And I did actually cry. One time… maybe two. But 🤫 so anyway. As we are approaching colder weather and as an incentive to get buyers to trust me to buy my work, I decided I want to give one free scrunchy with every hat purchase. So I got to work with making my velvet scrunchies.

Now I’ve made these scrunchies before and completely sold out in one shot, yay! But I wasn’t completely sold on the pattern I was using. Sooooo, as I said I like to tweak things. I kept the same base that goes around the hair band but switched up the second round. Or row 🤔 whichever. But you get my point.

These turned out not much different than the original ones but I love the way they look and am more satisfied than before.

The found pattern was just to single crochet around the hair band as many times as possible, squishing the stitches to fit in more and then just single crocheting twice in every stitch around for the second round.

For my tweaked pattern, I do the following;

Let me back up. First you need –

I hook

One ouchless hair band

Velvet yarn

With your hook make a slip knot and ch 1 over the hair band. Remember you are working over the hair band the entire time.

Single crochet around the hair band, every quarter or so, I stop and squish the stitches together. When you fit all you can on the band, join with a sl st.

Ch 1, and Hdc twice in the same st, sc in next st. You will repeat this the whole way around.. Join, and fasten off.

And then enjoy your beautiful new scrunchies. 😍

The top scrunchie is the original version and the bottom is my tweaked version.

I think the tweaked version looks a little less crowded? I guess that’s the word I’m searching for. But either way, now you have two ways to make scrunchies. You could also do two Hdc in each st around for round 2. The choice is yours! Either way I want to see them so tag me @oakandautumn in your posts!

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