Face Scrubbies

I recently started exploring some things around my house that i could make myself to make life a little bit easier. And guess what, i’ve already made a bunch of my own washcloths, which i love using by the way. They’re washable, dryable (please don’t judge my wording) and they actually clean up really well. The fact that they are eco friendly is a huge bonus, and when they become too crappy to use for washing dishes, i retire them to scrubbing floors or bathtubs. So I looked into some other eco friendly items that i could make to add to my home and one of my searches yielded face scrubbies. I actually do use facial rounds and makeup remover/cleanser to take off my make up and essentially wipe the day away, however i found that i could actually make my own with cotton yarn, and that they are completely reuseable. Save the earth! So, i got busy pulling some textures together and ended up finding one that worked extremely well.

So first, you’re going to need an I hook, some cotton yarn, scissors and yarn needle.

Make a magic circle and do 10 DC into the magic circle.

Next round is an increase round, but it’s bit tricky. So you’re going to DC once into the st, and then FPDC around the post of the same st, and you’re going to repeat that around. Join.

Third round is going to be DC in first st, tie off and weave in your ends.

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