The Carnival Beanie

Please don’t ask how I came up with this name for this beanie. I would say it’s because the best carnival is at night with a hint of chill, and this beanie will keep you extremely warm. The warmth without the density and stiffness if thick hats… I mean is there anything better?

This beanie will be my first free beanie pattern (yay)! So please go easy on me.

It’s relatively easy once you get going and it’s a beautiful texture. It’s based on the waffle stitch, although I couldn’t find anything that describes how to do it in the round so…. I made up my own way.

I hope you enjoy!


I’m editing to add, I attempted to make this beanie in regular red heart, and the hook size won’t work this yarn and keep the hat warm. So I want to add that if you want a medium dense hat, use the impeccable, if you want it warmer use Red heart Love.

If you are using a thin worsted weight, or 4 category yarn. Please make the necessary changes with hook size and count and then follow the pattern as normal. Use an h hook and a beginning st count of 60 fsc. In place of your I hook. Then use a j hook in place of your k hook.

If using a bulky weight of 5 or thicker worsted weight yarn like the red heart love, than continue on with the pattern without making any adjustments.


*stitches you need to be familiar with and their abbreviations *

Foundation single crochet (fsc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), front post double crochet (fpdc), and back post double crochet (bpdc).

Special notes- for the decreasing rounds, pattern will say decrease around. This just means to sc 2 together in each around.

Whatever your foundation stitch count is how many stitches you will have in your rounds until you start your decrease rounds. So if you start with a foundation of 56, you will have 56 stitches in each round until you start decreasing.

Materials needed. –

I hook, K hook, yarn needle, scissors, worsted weight in any color.

I used Loops and Threads impeccable in smoke.

The Carnival beanie

I hook

fsc 56, join without twisting.

Round 1 – Hdc around, join ch 1.

Switch to your K hook

Round 2 – Hdc back in back to loops. Join, ch 1.

Round 3 – Hdc in back two loops. Join, ch 1.

Round 4 – Dc in back two loops. Join, ch 1.

Start of waffle —-

Round 5 – (fpdc in first st, bpdc next two sts) repeat parenthesis around. Join ch 1.

Round 6 – (fpdc, dc in next two sts) repeat parenthesis around. Join, ch 1. }

Repeat rounds five and six until you have 23 rounds total.

Round 24 -fpdc in the next st. Dc two together (the inside of the waffle) fpdc next st. Dc2tog, fpdc next st. Repeat around. Join, ch 1.

Rounds 25 – Sc decrease around. Join, ch 1.

Round 26 – sc decrease around. Join, ch 1.

for finishing touches, add a Pom and tag or your choice.

If you have ANY questions, please email me at

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