The Twisted Oak Beanie

I feel like a crappy crochet blogger, for many reasons. My presence on social media has hit an all time low, and I have nothing to blame it on except my need to keep crocheting. I’ve been working on other sizes of my previous patterns, for stock for my etsy, and i’ve been working on those other patterns for you guys that are not beanie related. HOWEVER, I am sharing a beanie pattern with you today, because i have been cranking these out LIKE CRAZY. They’re so easy (if you are familiar with cables but even if you aren’t they’re pretty easy to get the hang of) and they’re absolutely gorgeous. I plan on making these using different colors for the sections but i haven’t gotten there, YET.

I’ve also been taking some regrouping time and have added more time into my schedule for less thinking and just doing other things with my girls.

My oldest is into crafting, (NOT CROCHETING) making slime, painting, and she loves drawing. Either way it’s a win for me. My youngest, she is into playing with barbies and baby dolls, but still makes time for her mama when i say “HEY!.. let me see your head.” She comes a-runnin’ and makes me so happy when she models my beanies for me.

Any way, I’ve only made this beanie with Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, and Yarn Bee Soft and sleek but I’m absolutely sure that you can use other yarns of a comparable weight that you have on hand.

I wanted to quickly go over my prep work for my beanies once the crocheting is done and the ends are weaved in. I was recently asked by my best friend is sort of a noob for some of my wisdom and I thought this would be a good time to share with y’all what my routine looks like.

So for starters, I USUALLY only use yarn that can be washed in your washing machine and tossed in your dryer. This is because i myself wear my beanies a lot and instead of constantly making new ones when they are stretched out I know that i can pop them back into shape with a cycle in the wash and dryer.

Once your beanie is done, BEFORE adding my tag and pom, I turn my beanies inside out, toss them in the wash in cold water, and gentle detergent. When they are done washing, I toss them in the dryer on the delicate setting and dry them until they are completely dry. When they’re done i get them out, pom and tag them and then take pictures for the blog posts, etsy and instagram.

I originally did this when i first started crocheting to make sure my item wasn’t going to fall apart, (insert obnoxious laughter here) but it’s become such a routine since i’ve bettered my skills that i decided to keep it. (this can also give you insight into how the yarn really does in the wash and whether or not you want to keep using that brand of yarn if wash-ability is important to you.)

Edit * you can find the ad free pdf here


The Twisted Oak Beanie


1 skein of Hobby Lobby I love this yarn or comparable yarn

H and J Hook


Yarn needle

Tag and pompom (optional)


FSC – foundation single crochet

HDC – half double crochet

3rd loop –  Half double crochet in the third loop

DC – double crochet

FPDC – front post double crochet

FPTC – front post treble crochet

Sk(pd) – skip(ped)

St(s) – stitch(es)

DC2TOG – Double crochet two stitches together – double crochet decrease.


Your FSC stitch count will be the stitch count throughout your entire pattern until your decrease rounds.

You will be working with cables in this pattern so it helps to be a little familiar with those stitches.

For a slouchier beanie, you will want to add an extra row or two after Round 24, before you start your decreasing rounds.

H Hook

FSC 60 – join without twisting.

Round 1 – HDC around.

J Hook

Round 2 – HDC in 3rd loop in each st around.

Round 3 – HDC in each st around

Round 4 – HDC in 3rd loop in each st around

Round 5 – HDC in each st around

Round 6 – HDC in 3rd loop in each st around

Round 7 – HDC in each st around

Round 8 – HDC in 3rd loop in each st around

Round 9 – HDC in each st around

Round 10 – DC in 3rd loop in each st around

Round 11 – DC in the first 2 sts, FPDC next 6 sts, DC next 2 sts. Repeat around.

Round 12 – DC first 2 sts, sk 3 sts, FPTC next 3 sts, FPTC in the previous 3 sts (your skpd sts), DC
in each  of the next 2 sts. Repeat around.

Round 13 – repeat round 11

Round 14 – repeat round 11

Round 15 – repeat round 12

Round 16 – repeat round 11

Round 17 – repeat round 11

Round 18 – repeat round 12

Round 19 – repeat round 11

Round 20 – Repeat round 11

Round 21 – Repeat round 12

Round 22 – repeat round 11

Round 23 – repeat round 11

Round 24 – Repeat round 12

Round 25 – DC2TOG keeping up with the pattern around.

Round 26 – DC2TOG keeping up with the pattern around.

Fasten off and cinch shut with a running stitch. Then weave in ends.

Add your pompom and tag!

Help to make child and toddler versions of this beanie.

For Child size; start with a fsc of 56, follow rounds 1 – 7, then skip to Round 10 and follow pattern until beanie is 7 and a half inches tall from bottom, then do two rounds of decrease stitches. For this size, your cable rounds will have 2 dc between your cables all the way around.

For toddler size, use a g and I hook in place of the h and j hooks. – start with a FSC of 56 and follow rounds 1-5. Then skip to round 10 and follow pattern until beanie is 7 inches tall from bottom, and then do your two rounds of decreasing.

AND as always, thank you ALL so much for continuing to share this crochet journey with me! Your support means everything to me and encourages me to keep going.

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