entering into beanie season 2021 and beyond

Hello Friends!
I have been away for quite some time.

Last busy season really kicked my butt, but i made it through and i am so incredibly thankful for everything. Because I don’t want to give up making finished pieces, but i want to keep providing patterns, I’ll be handling the blog a little bit different from here on out.

Patterns will probably not be offered for free on here, but i will be sharing a blog post for each new beanie that discusses the materials, the craft – I’m bicrafty now! – and where to get the materials as well as links.

In addition to adding knitting to what i offer, in my new shop, in my OakandAutumn shop, I’ll be adding pompoms for makers. I am so excited about adding pompoms both for all of you to enjoy, but for me to be adding to my own finished pieces as well.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me with this blog, and journey, and even those who have found my tiny corner of etsy and purchased beanies and hot pads.

As a lot of you can tell, I’ve been weeding through my blog posts, and have changed what I’m offering for free on my blog. A good bit of those will stay, however there are a few that I will be going back and editing to reflect my new style of how I’m going to be handling patterns from here on out.

I cannot thank all of you enough for the support, and love you have given me over the last year or so of this journey. It is has made me believe in myself and grow and given me all kinds of confidence to explore more ways to feed my creative hunger.

Until the blog is back in full swing — hopefully the end of June? — Make everyday a good day.

All my best, always

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